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November 07 2018

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November 04 2018

November 03 2018

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November 01 2018

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October 29 2018


Analysis of Movement in Oral Sex Performed Upon Men

Abstract In this work, we seek to quantify the “common” or “typical” movements involved in oral sex performed on males. To do so, we analyze a dataset containing over 108 hours of pornographic video, annotated at each frame with the position of the lips along the shaft of the penis. We use quantization techniques to discover sixteen distinct motions, and using these motions we design and evaluate a system that procedurally generates realistic movement sequences using deep learning. We quantitatively show that this system is superior to simple Markov Chain techniques.
To our knowledge, this kind of analysis of pornographic content has never been done before. Results from this analysis lay the ground for future research.
This study was commissioned by Very Intelligent Ecommerce Inc. as part of the design of the Autoblow AI. The authors of this paper have chosen to remain anonymous.

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October 28 2018

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October 27 2018

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October 21 2018

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October 13 2018

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October 04 2018

Bei wem wünschst du dir zu sein, wenn das Feuerwerk in die Luft geht?
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soup community wiki

here is the wiki i started for transforming soup into a community-owned service.

i invite you all to comment and edit. would be great if someone knows more about the legal stuff of clubs, coops and incorporation. 

otherwhise i'd like to get the first meeting going asap. currently my idea is to hold the meetings in Palava and plan them via Dudle, but i'm open to suggestions.

oh, and paket has re-purposed this soup group for us, thanks! make sure to join state-of-the.soup.io :D

i am pleased to invite: @yetzt @Rekrut-K @zuckerente @phin @raven @nordern @abl @soba @bvd @Psaiko @straycat @Sirenensang @naich @LogHiMa @iggy @keksmann @cracknigger @Tokei-Ihto @Tullfrog @roko @sefischer @paket @moonwhale @snuggle @Schweinekloeten @sanczo @anabee @telu @sm0k1nggnu and everyone else willing to join our cause! :)

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October 03 2018

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repost if you'd like to be part of a commutity-owned soup.io

as you might have heard, soup.io is for sale. i see this as an opportunity to transform it into a community-owned website, run as a coop or nonprofit.

if you consider to join this effort as a member, supporter, organizer or developer, please repost and maybe write a reaction with details.

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October 02 2018

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